Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Internet of Things has created what is often considered a second major digital revolution. The technology is going far beyond smartphones and offers innovation that has simplified everyday life and created a whole new level of connectivity. IoT has made the future of connected cars, smart homes, wearables, smart cities and healthcare a reality. It has drastically changed and will continue to change how we as consumers interact with everything in our lives.

A Gartner report has found that by 2020, connected devices across all technologies will reach approximately 24 billion. It is also believed that in the next five years, $6 trillion will be invested invested in IoT and by 2025 it will generate a return on investment of $13 trillion.

IoT has taken over many aspects of our everyday lives in a multitude of ways.


Many huge companies are investing heavily in building wearable devices as they are highly in demand. The sensors and software installed in wearable devicescollect specific data and information about the user. This data is pre-processed to process the behaviour of the user. They are particularly popular in fitness, health and entertainment.

The efficiency of the data processing achieved by various smart glasses, wristwear, hearables, etc iswinning over sceptics and bringing exceptional value to our lives.

Smart Homes:

When Googling terms associated with IoT, Smart Home is often the top search. Smart Home technology allows us to remotelyturn on lights, heating or air conditioning when we are away from home adding a whole new level of convenience to our lives. Smart homes filled with connected products are loaded with possibilities to make our lives easier, more convenient and more comfortable. They allow us to save time, money and energy and will soon become the norm as home automation seems to be the wave of the future.

BI Intelligence (Business Insider's premium research service) expects that the number of smart home devices shipped will rise from 83 million in 2015 to 193 million in 2020.

Beyond just convenience, IoT smart home devices can save money and conserve energy. Being able to control heating, air conditioning, etc means that you can reduce your electricity bill and reduce your energy consumption.

Connected Cars:

IoT allows companies to enhance users in-car experience. Automotive digital technology is focused towards vehicle optimization which can collect internal function information. In connected cars, it becomes easier to maintain comfort and optimize operation using onboard sensors and proper connectivity via the internet.

BI Intelligence expect that in 2021, 94 million connected cars will be shipped. In the same year, they also believe that 82% of all cars shipped that year will be connected. This would represent a compound annual growth rate of 35%.

It won’t just be the car Wi-Fi which will affect the automotive industry; public transportation will also transform due to IoT. For example, New York City Subway cars will have built-in Wi-Fi and security cameras.


As a result of the IoT revolution, there are many new, innovative products being launched which will benefit farmers. Using the distributed network of smart sensors, it has become easier to control and manage various natural conditions, such as humidity, air temperature and soil quality. Furthermore, automated irrigation systems are the best way to water crops.


In the near future, IoT will be used heavily in freight, fleet management and shipping. The smart BLE tags leveled with the parcels provide real-time information about items in transit. They can track speed, location and storage conditions. Smart sensors and Location Trackers in most of the logistics companies can be paired with a cloud-based dashboard, which can provide real-time, authentic monitoring.

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