Benefits of Hiring Through a Recruiter!

Hiring the right developers for your business can be a stressful process. Everyone knows that the basic purpose of a recruitment agency is to help people searching for jobs find new roles, while helping businesses find their perfect employees. Unfortunately, recruiters can often have a bad reputation and few people realise all the benefits that come with using a recruitment agency.


One advantage of using a recruitment agency to hire your next developer is that it will shorten the time that it takes to fill your open positions. We can find candidates for you, often faster than you can meaning that you can focus on your other important tasks.

We find candidates rather than applicants, the common ways that you will be filling your vacancies will be through people applying on job adverts or through your website. A lot of the time majority of these people may not be good matches for your role hence a lot of time will be invested in filtering out the applicants that aren't quite right. With us we will send you candidates - developers who have been pre-selected to match your criteria and are worthy of consideration and interview.

We have a vast talent pool and access to systems that help us locate developers with those hard to find skills that you're looking for. All of this will help to shorten the time it take to hire!

Following on from the previous point, you will also get the highest quality candidates as we are experts in understanding both our candidates needs and your requirements so we can guarantee to make a great match.

Through the in depth conversations that we have on a daily basis, with both candidates and clients, we gain more knowledge about the sectors that you work in. When you use a recruitment agency you can gain access to the knowledge that we learn about salary rates, career expectations, market trends, and available skill sets that you may have not known about otherwise.

You also gain an extended reach of candidates. Not all the best candidates are actively looking for a new job, in fact most of the best candidates aren't, this passive talent can take a long time to find. We can find those candidates easier, know how to reach them, and based on experience know how to incentivise them to make the move.

At Data Revolution HR, we fully understand our customers requirements and what they're looking for, we wont take on a vacancy until we are confident that we have all the information necessary to make that placement.

We do this to a level where we can act as an extension of your business. We expect each candidate to arrive at a first stage of interview already wanting to join a business and for us to be able to answer any question about an opportunity for the candidate like an internal recruitment team would be able to.

Please see this video I created about our search process:

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