Racism, Sexism and AI

As most discourse surrounding Artificial Intelligence surrounds the replacement of human jobs, there has not been enough attention to the consequences of biased datasets. Joy Buolamwini conducted research at MIT on ...

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AI Nationalism: Changing Geopolitical Landscapes

Rapid progress in machine learning and artificial intelligence will lead the way for a new form of geopolitics; AI Nationalism. Machine learning will transform economies and militaries and create instability ...

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Google pledges not to develop AI weapons, but will continue to work with the military

Whilst most technology companies have already agreed to the general idea of only using artificial intelligence for good, Google have set out much more precise standards. They have stated that ...

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How Artificial Intelligence is Helping Government Agencies Track Down Criminals

Jeff Jonas has been helping banks and government agencies track down criminals. In his own words, "hunting clever bad people." Whilst he may sound like a keen investigator, he is, ...

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21st Century Arms Race: China and The USA Compete to Dominate Big Data

Algorithms that have been trained on masses of Chinese data may soon be making decisions that deeply affect the way people in the US live their lives. A Shanghai-based artificial intelligence ...

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From Nazi Sex Robots to World Domination: Why AI Still Needs Human Help

The availabilty of AI has made our world a realm of science fiction. From self-driving cars to AI assistants and everything in between, AI is playing an increasingly important role ...

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Amazing Examples of IoT Application

Internet of Things has created what is often considered a second major digital revolution. The technology is going far beyond smartphones and offers innovation that has simplified everyday life and ...

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6 Apps To Make You More Productive Every Day

On days working away from the office, it can be difficult to keep as motivated as your normally would otherwise. Distractions come from every angle and many technology professionals either ...

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Want to learn about African immigrants? Mr. President, meet Africa’s tech sector

President Trump’s comments about immigrants coming from “shithole” countries are continuing to stir up controversy internationally. And while the language itself is bad enough, the president and his advisors need to also reboot their assumptions about the African ...

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How to get your first job in tech

Building a career in technology means much more than being good with computers… If you’re early in your career or haven’t yet started, finding a path that suits you is often ...

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