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Matthew is one of the best recruiters I've ever come across. I have to point out his impeccable persistance and patience and a radical strategy to hold unambigous conversations and communictaions. Combined with his excellent technical knowledge and the extra effort to help you to reach a best decision; I highly recommend Matthew for any developer seeking a new job.

Rosh Saran/ CTO

Matthew sets himself apart from other recruiters by taking a genuine interest in his clients. He takes time to meet with you and discuss your career goals, and only puts you forward for positions which are suitable for you, and for the company he's recruiting for. In a very short time Matthew placed me with a top London consultancy, and we have continued to work with him since. Highly recommended for both companies and candidates.

Elton Stoneman / Consultant & Trainer

Matt is a friendly and professional recruiter who understands the technology, especially the .NET development platform very well. He gains a very good insight into the vacancy and the employer and does an excellent job in matching that with the candidates' skills, experience and interests.

Mihran Nikoo / Head of Platform Engineering

Matthew introduced me to my current employer. He faithfully represented the employer and the role and successfully negotiated the package. He was persistent and patient to help me make the decision to move on from my last employer which turned out to be the right move.

James Saul / Snr. Manager & Solutions Architect

Great help & advice on career choice when going for role through his agency - above & beyond the support offered from any other agent during job hunt. Highly recommended!

Andrew Clancy / Snr. Manager & Solutions Architect

Matthew placed me at a leading London based consultancy after a period of 6 weeks looking for a role. Compared to other recruiters I had dealt with in that time Matthew did the following that I believe other agents did not: Kept me very well informed, heads-up on interview processes, good knowledge of the companies he recruits for, excellent career advice for developers career paths and was extremely happy to expend time when dealing with me over the telephone. In addition to those attributes he has some great contacts and I believe he is well respected by the companies he recruits for. Would not hesitate to recommend him. 

James Brock / Developer

Matthew impressed me with his technical knowledge, he comes from an IT and programming background. He has a deep understanding of the career paths a developer can head down and helped me make the best decision for my career experience. I highly recommend Matthew for any developer who wants a high calibre recruiter who is knowledgeable and generous with his time.

Klaus Bravenboer/ Digital Explorer

I found Matthew extremely helpful and knowledgeable throughout the recruitment process, and would have no hesitation recommending him to others.

Ian Cooper/ Principal Engineer

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